Automatic sampler

Auto-samplers are equipped with robotic arms able to manage sample transits between the sample rack and its detector. These devices allow the lab to be fully automated. LAFARA has 2 automatic samplers.

2Ei autosampler

With its 2 m wide, the analysis room has limited space. 2Ei company has developed and designed a compact autosample able to handle 4 detectors simultaneously. This autosampler represents a breakthrough in terms of miniaturisation, regarding that type of device.

The sample racks design has been optimized to accomodate a maximum of samples:

  • For 21 mm Well-type detectors : 110 positions
  • For 32 mm Well-type detectirs : 90 positions
  • For planar detector: 50 positions

Ortec-Ametek autosampler

The Ortec-Ametek autosampler has been designed specifically for the detector from the same manufacturer.

It has a 20 positions sample rack.