Sample geometries

Two types of sample shape are used : Tubes (polypropylene) and 2) round boxes (polystyrene). Several sample geometries can be used to optimize the measurements as a function of the sample volume or mass available.


3 tube sizes are available:

  • Ø 32 mm (max. volume 36 cm3)
  • Ø 21 mm (max. volume 16 cm3)
  • Ø 15 mm (for tiny samples)

During preparation, each tube is filled up with sample (solid or liquid). A 1 mm layer of parafilm is added to stabilize the sample within the tube, and a 3 mm resin layer is added to ensure the tube is water- and gas-proof.


3 box sizes are available:

  • Ø 72 mm / H 15 mm (max. voulme 61 cm3)
  • Ø 45 mm/ H 15 mm (max. volume 24 cm3)
  • Ø 45 mm/ H 10 mm (max. volume 16 cm3)

After filling with sample material, the boxes are sealed using a parafilm layer, and then put into a plastic sleeve itself vacuum sealed. The plastic sleeves are made from a multi-layer polypropylene material that ensures gas-proofness, which is especially important concerning radon.

The material used for sample conditioning is regularly tested to ensure its radiological cleanliness.