Gamma spectrometers

LAFARA has 5 high purity germanium (single cristal) gamma spectrometers in “low angled rod” configuration. These devices are cooled using electric cryo-generators.

The detectors actually meet two types of architecture:

  • Well-type detectors (4π detection)
  • Planar detectors (2π detection)

On the right: upper part of a Well-type SAGe-Well gamma spectrometer. The sample is inserted within the hole at the center.

Well-type detectors

LAFARA is equipped with 3 last-gen SAGe-Well detectors from Mirion-Canberra. These detectors are extremely sensitive and have a very good resolution. They allow analysis of very low levels of radioactivity.

LAFARA is equipped with 2 planar detectors. The first is a semi-planar Ortec-Ametek featuring a low-density carbon entrance window which allow more easily the detection of low energy gamma rays. The second is a coaxial planar detector from Mirion-Canberra.

Technical specifications